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What Can I Give My Dog For Constipation

Home Remedies For Dog Constipation

today we’re going to talk to you about some home remedies for dog constipation. Now, the one thing that I do want to mention as a little disclaimer is that if your dog hasn’t had a bowel movement in two full days; if you notice that he’s straining so hard that he’s whining; He’s physically in pain or if you notice that he strains for a really long period of time more than just a minute or two and there’s just nothing coming out, you really want to seek veterinary attention right away. It could be a more serious problem or it could be something that needs medical attention to correct itself.

Your vet will probably recommend a stool softener or possibly another medication if it’s a chronic issue then they may prescribe some kind of a medication that will help the intestines to strengthen the contractions that they have to make your dog have regular bowel movements without having to strain. A veterinarian may also prescribe a high-fiber prescription diet for a dog that has chronic issues with digestion and constipation.

So what we’re talking about today is a mild case of constipation, which is best described if you notice that your dog is squatting and nothing’s coming out there; he’s not whining; or he seems in a little bit of discomfort but not in physical pain and you’re not seeing any blood; and you’re not hearing any noises that’s when you know he may have just a very small amount of feces coming out. Those are signs that he’s just constipated. It’s a very mild case and it should correct itself with one of these simple home remedies.

So the first step is to examine your dog’s rear end and and what you’re looking for is any sign that something’s wrong. What you may see is a foreign object. A lot of times dogs will get into the garbage dump and they may eat things like plastic bags. It sounds disgusting but that really does happen quite a lot. Most veterinarians will not recommend pulling on anything. You can do more damage that way. So in that instance, you would want to seek veterinary help right away. In some cases, you may notice something like a tumor or some sores and you want to seek medical help if there’s matted fur dogs with long coats.

Sometimes we’ll get matted fur down there. And that’s what’s causing the blockage. So you would just want to take some electric clippers and trim that hair and make sure that you clean up the area and then, you know, hopefully your dog will be able to go to the bathroom again. Exercise gets the body moving. It really stimulates the body gets things going and kind of promotes digestion healthy digestion. So your dog, probably if he’s bloated, he’s going to be uncomfortable but he’s not going to want to move. He may be very lethargic, but you want to get him up get him exercising. Take him for a walk. Go out and play ball. Do whatever it takes to get him up and moving. Exercise will help stimulate his bowel movement and hopefully it will happen naturally.

Canned pumpkin is really high in fiber.That’s a great thing to give to your dog. You can easily Google serving size recommendations for small and large breeds. High fiber diets draw water into the intestines and help to flush things out and make everything go smoothly. Adding some pumpkin to your dog’s diet is a good way to kick start things and get them going. Olive oil or mineral oil again are also good alternatives to use.There’s some serving recommendations online for this as well so put a little bit of that on your dog’s food and it will help to kind of get things working. Tthose types of oils work as a natural laxative. These remedies will usually solve a mild case of constipation.

Please never give laxatives or over-the-counter drugs to your dog without consulting your vert first. If your dog doesn’t begin to go normally after 24 hours, stop using your home remedies and take him to the vert as soon as you can so that you can figure out what’s causing that blockage. You don’t want to prolong this because some blockages can really do some serious damage, which of course we don’t wan.



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