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Pet Weddings And More

The pet wedding trend is so popular these days. Here’s the rundown

In our society, there’s a little problem. It is called DIVORCE or SEPARATION. Why?  Because in the US alone, almost 50% of the couples that get married, get divorced.  And 20% get divorced in less than a year. Now as the saying goes, no man is an island. So what happens is these so called “single and lonely” resort to either no string attached life which after a while get exhausting or they buy a pet, mostly a dog, a cat or a bird.

Now, in fact, the demand for vets has increased in the last decade and will continue to increase as time goes by and the infidelity problem continues to increase. The next step is the attachment phase. While humans get attached to each other, pets and humans do the same thing. How is this possible. We might argue that a pet does not talk back, so there’s a lot less stress involved because of the simple reason they if you offend a dog or a cat and tell them to go get f***** the worst thing that they can do is bark back! Or whisper back. That’s all.

With the increase in pets comes the increased demand for pet services like pet food, pet hotels, and vets.  Pet-friendly hotels also exist for a reason. They do not want to lose business and customers.  These pets are so loved by their owners that they pamper them, groom them, take them to the park for long walks, buy them the best food and drinks. There are pet hotels that cost $500 a night where you take your cat or dog for a one night or 2 nights and they get a massage and a shag!
Leevi, our Maine Coon male

Well, pets fall in love too right? And here’s where marriage comes into play once again. Yes, there are facilities for pets where they get married and a huge party is held for them. How cool is that? Where you invite your friend’s pet and maybe some pets from the shelter as well. There’s a normal ceremony where wedding rings are bought too. There are specific websites online that sell pet accessories, 2 of these famous websites are http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Ceremony/Pet-Accessories and https://americantungsten.com – two tone bands

And they are not very cheap guys. I think business persons take advantage of people’s emotions and the love for their pets. There are stories where owners spend over $50k on a pets wedding which is literally crazy. But those rich people who have money can afford it right. So in the future, we are going to see more of these pet hotels, pet restaurants, pet grooming facilities popping up. There’s also pet sitting, pet walking and all other different kinds of animal related fun stuff owner can do with their own pets.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article which I am writing on my way to Malta from Dubai. And here’s another thing, pet travel is another industry on its own. Now that you know how many opportunities exist for your pet to be loved, you can go and find your pet a girlfriend or a boyfriend, perhaps they like each other and get married very soon.


Audrey R. Allen