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How To Remove Cat Urine Smell

We had a cat. It was really like in this corner and he actually likes this whole section along the back here. Now as you probably know, cats can squirt a storng urnine smell. So I’ve gone to the bathroom. I’ve tried a bunch of different things as actually using a different model of the sweeper.

But today what I did is I went out and I got myself some of the resolve urine destroyer I sprayed that all over the floor and then I scrubbed it in I’ve cleaned this for again with the sweeper like this, but not this one.

It was a different older model. I didn’t think it was a Bissell and it just was not picking the sent out of the floor. So I sprayed that resolve down I scrubbed it into the floor and then I went ahead and I started to use this sweeper when you buy it online if you get the right model it comes with these two Little bottles here. Once an anti-bacterial one in one is a professional oxy remover.

So I put both of these in this top are so this is your water reservoir where you’re going to go ahead and mix I filled it to the top line on the back here.

There’s a couple of lines that show you where to do eazy fill for your deep clean mode.

I’ve already won over this once and I can tell you just from doing that the last time I use the other sweeper, I could still smell the urine right afterward and so far using this I put hot water in both of these. I got the resolve on the ground which you can see it goes from here down in this bottom Reservoir.

It’s only this full. So this thing was this full and this is what it’s picked up so far. So only one over it wants me to go back and use it again, but from the sweeper, I wanted to show a couple of things. If you haven’t seen our other video of us reviewing this I left out a couple of pieces. So you have this deep clean mode switch in this Express clean. So depending on where you make this switch go to that’s going to determine where you want to do your fill lines and what kind of water is going to get sucked out of there. The other neat thing about this is it has this little spray. I’m going to show you in a second that’s called the clean shot.

So when you have this on and you kick this down that changes over to green and it will actually shoot a little stream of water out. So if you have some deep areas that you need clean if you had a stain or something you can actually click that on and spray right on to there.

It’s the water exactly says not spinning now when this thing’s on-again, you’re going to see these are going to start to spin and go ahead and turn it over. Before I forget this is going to go ahead and spin and then up here. You have your little trigger. So when you pull this trigger in it starts to release more water out of here or water in general and I really like these bristles because they are scrubbing and touching now this part right here would be used for the hose which is probably something when you use afterward. I’m going to go ahead and go through it. But I just wanted to show you how this thing runs.

Again. This thing is a little bit loud if you watch my other video, you know when you turn it on, so we’re going to go ahead and hit the foot pedal down there to release.

And then I’m going to hit the switch on the side to turn it on just as read button here.  You can see if that’s going to throw those on. If you go pull the water up.

That’s actually don’t have the deep clean turned on. So I’m going to turn that on real quick. So you can see this deep clean is actually only associated with the trigger the head that down. If not, it’s just going to spin a little bit of water out of there.

So let’s do that one more time on so again if you have a pet and you’re trying to deal with the sense and the smells of what they leave behind I highly recommend this Bissell Pro to for that cleanup works really good. Now the carpet is damp their thing. I’m going to do I got the window open here. So I got the window going.

What a play heater on I’m going to put the fan on and just kind of dry this area because our baby is currently sleeping in. I wanted to kind of refresh I don’t want to cleanout. The other thing that I went and bought is just for Breeze Fabric and it’s a nice scent. This is the April fresh to remove the cat urin smell.

So it’s a nice scent that just kind of leaving the room almost smells like linen, but it works really well. So again highly recommend this sweeper if you like what you saw here go to hit that subscribe button. If you’d like to purchase this I’ve included a link below if you want to see the unboxing of this video.

That’s also linked Below on this channel. So thanks for watching. Watching as always. This is random reviews and I’ll juice will see you next time.


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