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How To Make Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infection

Thanks for tuning in to find out how to make homemade remedies for a dog ear infection.

I have two go to home remedies that I use one is coconut oil and the other is apple cider vinegar both products. You want to get as raw natural organic as possible for the apple cider vinegar, you’ll use one part water and one part apple cider vinegar.

You can just mix like I usually do a tablespoon of water and a tablespoon. Oon of the vinegar, you will use a cotton ball or a small piece of tissue dip it in the solution and then just wipe it inside. Your dog’s ear. You never ever ever want to use Q-tips.

You don’t want to use Q-tips one putting the treatment in your dog’s ears or when you’re cleaning them. You can stick them too far in it can cause inner ear damage and actually do damage to your dog’s hearing. So always use just a small piece of tissue or a cotton ball of cotton round something like that and just use your fingers. Fingers to just get in there and run the solution around apple cider vinegar has antiseptic anti-inflammatory properties the vinegar also acidic which removes dirt debris any wax buildup that might be in your dog’s ear. It also kills its and it also kills yeast and bacteria which are the two main causes of canine ear infection.

So that will work over time. The other thing you could do is take your water and apple cider vinegar solution.

Put it in a syringe squirt a little bit, you know, just I don’t know six or eight drops in your dog’s ear and then just like you would with an ear cleaning solution you just massage the ear and make sure that it gets in there when you’re done with Though I would recommend just taking a dry cloth and wiping out the ear just to get any excess liquid out of air.

So the other thing that you can use is coconut oil and coconut oil. There have been many studies done to show that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

What you would want to do is melt it just a little bit and then, of course, let it cool. You want to let it cool so that it won’t burn your dog’s ears, but not cool enough to reharden so So melt it allow to cool a little bit and then the same thing just taking a cotton ball or a little piece of tissue dip it in the coconut oil and just rub it around really liberally throughout the infected ear for both of these and with any natural recipe or remedy for any treatment that you find you typically have to apply it more frequently.

They’re not as potent as prescription over-the-counter treatments made with chemicals.  And harsh ingredients.

So for both of these, you would apply three times a day to the infected ear. You want to do that for seven days just to make sure that the infection is completely cleared up if things start to get the worse ear that right away ear infections are not something that you want to leave untreated or allowed to get worse because it can do permanent damage to your dog’s ears as I mentioned ear infections can be both yeast and bacterial if you Believe that it’s a bacterial infection.

A lot of people recommend using a hot compress the heat will kill the bacteria and it also soothe the redness swelling irritation pain from the ear infection, but that won’t work with yeast. So you have to be certain that it was a bacterial infection in order to do that.

But you do you will see that recommended and I know holistic veterinarian is that recommend that for bacterial infections, so if you speak to your vet and they determine it’s a bacterial ear infection and you’d like to treat it yourself without prescription medications that are always an option.

Thanks for tuning in for this how-to guide if you have any other questions, feel free to email me.


Audrey R. Allen