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How Pets Behave & Body Language

Dogs Body Language and Behavior

How to recognize fear in dogs

Unfortunately us humans do not know how to recognized their feelings unless taught by an expert. When you ignore these signs , this can result even in dog bites. If for example they start licking their nose and yawn when you stare at them, it means they are getting uncomfortable.


What do dogs do when they fell anxious and excited.

A dog’s behavior tells it all. The tail is a great indication. Low tail means that the dog is relaxed and happy. Tail high, head high, ears high means fear, nervousness, screaming stress. That is pretty obvious that they are on high alert.  Tail wagging may also mean that the god is angry. It can also mean that the dog is very much excited for example when you put a bowl of food in front of them. But beware, the tail wagging tend to also mean negative emotions.

You must look at the overall body language of the dog. You cannot judge a dog’s behavior strictly on tail wagging.  A neutral tail position (tail in the middle) may mean that the dog is on the watch.

Paw lick also means an indication of stress. We will continue talking about this subject in the next article.

How dogs communicate

Like humans, dogs tend to be submissive or dominant.

Dogs play much better when they decide who is in charge and who is not. They set rules like humans, even when they are playing.  Dogs also tend to do a backward spin movement to entice another do to play…. You can almost tell from their body language who is the follower or the leader. Check out the below video to learn more.



Audrey R. Allen