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2005 Photo Of The Year Contest    
The 2005 Photo Of The Year Contest Winners
Thank You To All Of Our 2005 Finalists - 2006 Nominees Coming Soon!
a st. bernard puppy picture of rosco
Congratulations to the two 2005 Photo Of The Year winners. We selected two because both stood out in the votes and the tally was close, it just didn't seem right to leave one of them out. Chloe's picture was popular with voter's for it's motion frozen in time and Rosco's photo created an endless supply of "ahhhh" he's so cute comments. More Pet Pictures
Our Six 2005 Photo Of The Year Contest Finalists
Congratulations to the six Photo Of The Year finalists, the first three places were easy to see but there was pretty much a tie between the four, five and six spot, so to be fair, we decided to expand our finalsists from five to six. Next, a survey of 50 to 100 unbiased individuals was conducted, then both the APetsBlog votes and the choices of those surveyed decided the final pet picture winners.
silva and shay a wolfdog pup wanting to play an great agility dog picture of chloe, a schnauzer, coming out of the obstacle course chute saucisson the guinea pig, saucisson is french for sausage moo, a darling Jack Russell terrier enjoying a romp in the flowers rosco, a darling st. bernard puppy taking a break from his busy puppy activities d.o.g. an adventurous traveler enjoys a ride down the highway with a friend
Our Twenty Five 2005 Photo Of The Year Contest Nominees
The selection process was simple, we chose our twentyfive favorite pet photos based on quality, moments frozen in time, pet's posing abilities and/or pictures that were just particularly very cute.
Kaweha - a coydog taking a break while crossing the river Jessica - sleeping kitty Kasey - a little yorkie watching her grandpa snowblow the sidewalk Red - and other cow buddies patiently waiting for their evening meal Harry - a beautiful feline with golden eyes
D.O.G - enjoying a ride down the highway Noodle - a dachsund stopping to smell the roses Silva and Shay - wolfdog pup silva playfully tugs on shay to come play with her Farah - a lovely little polydactyl maine coon calico kitten modeling some pearls Wile E. - a coydog wondering if he is supposed to be friends with his roadrunner toy
Roxy, A Beagle in A Bee Costume Zola - also known as pokeypants the hedgehog Fluffy and Baby - a couple of guinea pigs exchanging secrets Chloe - a schnauzer coming out of an agility dog tunnel Rusty - a pleasantly plum feline
Sampson - close up of a shar pei puppy Four Kittens - posing for the camera Chopin - a maltese taking a nap Madonna - a cockatoo and two birds looking out the window Rosco - a st. bernard puppy taking a break
Moo - a jack russell terrier puppy running through the flowers Bear - a hip rottweiler dog in sunglasses Gypsy - a portrait of a cavalier king charles spaniel Saucisson - a guinea pig with the name saucisson, it's french for sausage Hammouda - orange tabby polydactyl maine coon cat sporting a bow tie

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